In our Farm Shop, we sell a wide range of fresh fruit, vegetables, bags of potatoes, vegetables, milk and cream, award-winning Alder Tree fruit cream ices, Havensfield Happy Hens Eggs and Suffolk Honey, Bird Food, Feeders

and Nest boxes.

We also sell fresh flowers, Homemade cakes, fresh and frozen local Meat and Pies, James White juices, Jams, Marmalades, Pickles, Bread, Sweets, Crisps, Nuts, Cereals – and lots more including...

Heat logs, logs, kindling, brazier, housecoal and premium housecoal

Garden sundries, grass seeds, loose fertilizers

Stockists For

Farm Shop

We also do pet food!

Free deliveries over £25 to Ipswich and Westerfield

(excluding turf)